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Meet the Magick

Who We Are

Founder & CEO

Wandering Weed Witch

Witch. Nomad. Stoner. Creator. Academic. Misfit. Bohemian. Dissenter. Maverick.

My mission is to provide a magickal global community and the highest quality and ethically sourced witch-crafted magickal goodness by connecting witches, hippies, stoners, adventurers, and weirdos with creators worldwide in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible.

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Wandering Weed Witch's Worldly Wares Logo- Depicts a femme non-binary witch with a crescent moon crown,  resembling horns . They have long black locs and a feather in their hair.
Wandering Weed Witch founder and CEO of Wandering Weed Witch's Worldly Wares.
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