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Meet the Magick

Who We Are


Founder & CEO

Wandering Weed Witch

Witch. Nomad. Stoner. Creator. Academic. Misfit. Bohemian. Dissenter. Maverick.

My mission is to provide a magickal global community and the highest quality and ethically sourced witch-crafted magickal goodness by connecting witches, hippies, stoners, adventurers, and weirdos with creators worldwide in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible.

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Founder & CEO

PencilWitch Tattoos & Piercings | Manifest | Troll Treasures

Pencil Witch. Jeweler of the Mystic. Mother of Freaks. Cosmic Troll. 

Excited by the idea of decorating oneself, PencilWitch has been practicing the art of body modification for over 12 years. I grew up watching my aunt administer ear piercings and quickly picked it up, moving on to more complicated piercings over the years. Then I discovered tattoos and would frequent a local parlor, fascinated by the process. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and the idea that I could create magic on what was once a blank piece of paper (or skin) gave birth to the name PencilWitch. At 18, I bought my first tattoo kit and quickly realized the machine was only a little different from my pencil. By 19, I was taken as an apprentice by the same person who inspired me in earlier years. After various breaks in time, I now specialize in facial & body piercings as well as small, minimalistic tattoos while also enjoying the challenge of a freehand cover-up and anything to do with the metaphysical.
Despite being raised in a very religious household, I knew my roots were entangled within the complicated fabric of the universe at a very young age and became fascinated by the idea that everything is connected through one source of energy: Spirit. Through my exploration of various different ideologies, I found my practice and decided to create a space wherein others like myself could easily find their spiritual tools. I provide candles, grimoires, wands, pouches, bottles, oils, crystal jewelry, and everything else you might find yourself needing for your spiritual craft, all created by my hands.

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Founder & CEO

The Emperor's Word | Starseed Online

Intuitive Reader. Claircognizant. Mystical Badass. Unicorn in a field of horses

I am the Emperor, an intuitive tarot reader. My purpose is to bring clarity to your situation when you are open and ready to receive the messages that are hidden in plain sight. I am not here to convince you, but to help you recognize what you've always known. We all have spiritual gifts and abilities, some of us choose to develop them and some of us choose to suppress them. 

I have a special connection to my Spirit Guides through my intuition, and I channel messages specific to your situation. My delivery, however, is not with the intention to tell you what you want to hear. Whenever I am tapped in spiritually, it is to give the right messages, even if that means things you may not want to hear or truths you may not want to face. My promise to you is to always be authentic in my readings. 

I am also a Virtual Assistant for Female and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Like a true Starseed, my purpose is to serve and at Starssed Online Service I cater to a specific set of business owners. I create a safe space where creativity leads and abundance flows. Save your energy towards building the business of your dreams. Experience growth, connection, freedom, and fulfillment when you hire an experienced Virtual Assistant. Connect with me and let’s discuss how I can get you back to focusing on the things that truly matter. Book a call today.

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