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  • Pyrite

    Every month
    Show your business some love!
    • This package takes care of your basic business needs
    • making way for abundance to flow in.
    • 20 Hours Monthly (Hours Do Not Roll Over)
  • Amethyst

    Every month
    Working after hours, on weekends, and even on vacation?
    • This package takes care of those tasks that
    • get in the way of your personal time.
    • 30 Hours Monthly (Hours Do Not Roll Over)
  • Clear Quartz

    Every month
    Organized and ready to delegate? This package takes care of
    • Take care of your most in-demand tasks to create a
    • healthy workflow & clear your schedule for more networking.
    • 40 Hours Monthly (Hours Do Not Roll Over)
  • Best Value

    Crystal Grid

    Every month
    Finally ready to let go and start scaling your business?
    • Needing a right-hand gal to make sure you’ve crossed your
    • “T’s” and dotted your “I’s”? Then this full-time package at
    • 40 hrs per week is for you! (Only 1 spot available.)
    • Monday through Friday. (No weekends or holidays)

- Subscriptions maybe cancelled, in writing, with a 10 days notice. - Customer is responsible for choosing start date. - Subscriptions will be billed on a monthly recurring basis. You are agreeing to this by subscribing to the service. - Services are provided according to the agreed upon contract, set up at the beginning of services.

Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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